• Vintage Design

    We made a bike that you will be proud to share with the world.

  • High Quality

    We worked tirelessly to gather quality parts that you can trust.

  • Incredible Comfort

    Enjoy a commute that will be easy on your body, and our planet.

Product focus

This is what we do well

  • Strength

    Your bike has been tried, tested and is built to last!

  • Comfort

    Ride comfortably with front-suspension and a full motorcycle seat – that can also fit your passenger!

  • Power

    Your large removable lithium polymer battery and powerful hub motor ensures an exciting ride every time.

  • Nimble

    Feel in control with a low center of gravity and hand-picked quality parts.

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We only do limited production runs!


Hear from our customers!

"The only thing I can say is that this bike is really amazing and we are having so much fun with it!"

"The perfect blend of a bike and motorcycle."

"Handles like a dream, well built!"

“I never thought I’d enjoy riding a bicycle to school. But this is different, this is a Tempus Electric Bike.”